Dealing with real estate in California can be complicated whether you’re selling, buying, leasing, managing, constructing, or developing property. My proficiency in the area of real estate law provides you with expertise and creative problem solving for your real estate related legal issues. I initially assess your individual needs, timelines, and estimated costs to ensure your expectations are met and will keep you abreast of any significant changes during the process. I offer assistance with real estate matters and issues of all kinds, including: • Real estate sale/purchase contract negotiations • Deeds and property transfers • Lease negotiations • Property line disputes • Co-owner/partnership disputes • Title disputes • Due diligence • Disclosure/inspection issues • Broker liability issues   Call 1-510-835-7718 to set up a free initial consultation (up to 30 minutes when you mention this website).
You can avoid a lot of problems with a well negotiated and prepared contract that clearly outlines your understanding and the terms of your agreement. A well negotiated and prepared contract tailored to accurately reflect the parties’ agreement goes a long way in avoiding potential misunderstandings in the future. Likewise, if you’re reviewing a contract, you need to make sure there are no loopholes where you can be taken advantage of or inaccuracies that do not reflect the parties’ understanding and/or agreement. I can review your contracts and make sure they accurately portray your understanding and agreement before you to sign. A breach of contract can be a nightmare. The costs of litigating your case in court can quickly add up. When appropriate, I can guide you towards a negotiated resolution (or alternatively a mediated resolution) that is agreeable to all without stepping foot into the courtroom – saving you from the substantial expense and uncertainty of a lawsuit.  Call 1-510-835-7718 to set up a free initial consultation about your contract concerns (up to 30 minutes when you mention this website).
No one wants to think about dying or what happens to their surviving loved ones. However, if you own a home or other assets, or if you’re married, have kids or are otherwise in a long term committed relationship, you need to establish a plan for transfer of your assets after death and/or financial protection for your loved ones. It’s prudent for every adult to at least have a Will. A well-drafted estate plan can mean the difference between the maximum amount of assets going to your designated beneficiaries or the State deciding who gets your assets. Likewise, it is important to establish a plan for what happens if you become incapacitated and are unable to care of yourself or make medical and financial decisions. You don’t want to burden your loved ones with emotional medical or complicated financial decisions – such dilemmas can lead to dissension and even feuding among family members. Put your wishes into place now so there’s no ambiguities surrounding your requests. I will take the time to listen to your story compassionately and understand your concerns. Together we will walk through each step to make sure your Will, Trust or other estate planning documents accurately reflect your vision. My goal is to give you assurance and peace of mind that your loved ones – and you — will be appropriately taken care of and provided for. I can discuss your estate planning needs for: • Wills • Trusts • Medical Directives/Living Wills • Powers of Attorney • Special Needs Trusts Don’t delay planning your estate.  Call 1-510-835-7718 to set up a free initial consultation to start the process (up to 30 minutes when you mention this website).
The death of a loved one can be a trying and emotional time, and is often compounded by thorny legal issues surrounding probate of the will and the administration or distribution of your loved one’s property and assets. Like most people who are grieving a loss, you’re probably unable to fully focus on the complicated and very technical legalities, yet they need to be dealt with. Let me help lift this burden off your shoulders by assisting you in understanding your legal options so that you can make educated and informed decisions. We will work together to find the most agreeable and cost-effective way to administer the decedent’s assets under the terms of the Will/Trust (or lack thereof) in accordance with applicable law. Some types of services provided are: • Executor, Administrator, and Trustee representation • Interpreting Wills and Trusts • Marshaling and distribution of decedent’s assets • Disputes among beneficiaries/heirs • Disputes between beneficiaries/heirs and personal representatives/trustees • Disputes over property or asset omissions and ownership • Disputes with the decedent’s creditors • Beneficiary/heir representation Do you have issues about your deceased loved one’s estate or trust?  Call 1-510-835-7718 to set up a free initial consultation (up to 30 minutes when you mention this website).
When our older parents or relatives become incapacitated and unable to make important decisions about their own health or financial affairs, it is necessary for someone to step in and take the reins. If a Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney hasn’t been created, establishing a Conservatorship is essential. The process is often intensely hands-on and time consuming. That is why it is important to have strong legal counsel that can help you understand the procedures and navigate through the choppy waters. Likewise, there are those times when parents are unavailable due to death or illness or otherwise unable to take care of their children. In such instances, a Guardian may need to be appointed to assume responsibility for the minors, and where applicable, their assets. Even though this is an act that comes from the heart for many, it is also a legal process with its own set of technical requirements geared to support decisions in the best interests of the minor child. Having the right legal representation is invaluable when it comes to something as important as Conservatorships and Guardianships. After all, the life of a person and the quality of their life is at stake.  Call 1-510-835-7718 to set up a free initial consultation (up to 30 minutes when you mention this website) for your Conservatorship or Guardianship needs.
Litigation can be very expensive and time-consuming – this is why mediation can be a good alternative for resolving disputes. Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates discussion between two or more disputing parties with the goal of the parties reaching a mutually acceptable agreement resolving their dispute. Resolving disputes outside of the courtroom can keep your costs down while allowing parties to maintain control over the matter and its prospective outcome. Through mediation you’ll normally get quicker results that fall within the expectations of the parties.

Mediation is a great way to resolve your differences while preserving your relationships.  With this process, I strive for the parties to leave satisfied with the resolution they’ve crafted with my assistance as a mediator.

I’ve mediated disputes in many substantive areas, including:

• Real Estate • Contracts • Homeowner’s Association disputes • Landlord/tenant (residential and commercial) • Broker liability • Commercial disputes between lenders and small business borrowers • Construction/remodel disputes • Private lender/developer disputes

I can provide a fair, rational, and compassionate mediation process with skillful creative problem solving.  I assist in resolving your dispute with the intent of avoiding the harsh, expensive litigation process and its uncertain results.

I currently serve on the mediation panel for the Superior Court of California in Solano County.  I am also a private Certified Mediator.

When not acting as a mediator, I have represented clients in the mediation process.  This gives me a perspective from all sides of the table enabling me to better advocate for and counsel you regarding you legal needs in mediation.

Call 1-510.835-7718 to set up a free initial consultation for your mediation needs (up to 30 minutes when you mention this website).