About Kathleen

Getting to know Kathleen Benjamin …


Growing up in a family of real estate investors, it was only natural that Kathleen pursue a Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College (New York).  But during her time in graduate school, Kathleen noticed that the people who were making decisions about implementing the plans were politicians, and most of the politicians at that time were attorneys.   So Kathleen went back to school and studied law. 

Kathleen passed the California Bar and began her law career in the real estate department of a large multi-national law firm in Los Angeles where she primarily represented corporate clients inMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA complex and sophisticated real estate transactions.  Later, she worked as in-house counsel for a major multi-national bank representing Corporate Real Estate and the Commercial and Residential Other Real Estate Owned departments. Over the years she expanded into other areas of law to accommodate her clients.  Kathleen brings her experience, integrity, and knowledge in rendering legal services to individual and small business clients. 

Kathleen refuses to use a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to practicing law.  She recognizes that each case is as individual as the client and needs to be regarded that way.  Even small matters can be laden with many complicated issues.  Not only does Kathleen have an uncanny talent for being able to spot these potential issues, but she has the skills and sophistication to find the best solution.  With her help, clients are able to make educated, well-informed decisions about their particular situation.

Kathleen believes that a well represented client is a well informed one.  That is why she continually makes it a point to educate her clients about law as it applies to their specific case along with the practical aspects.  Through her ongoing services Kathleen hopes to further enable an understanding about the often-sticky aspects of the law in her areas of practice.  

When it comes to resolving legal matters, Kathleen is a chameleon of many colors:

“If I need to be assertive and aggressive, I can be assertive and aggressive.  If a gentler, more collaborative approach is called for, I can do that as well.  I am a skillful problem solver who can connect the dots and seek to find creative solutions outside the box.”

With her ability to quickly adapt to the situation and her creative solutions for each individual case, Kathleen has an impressive track record for getting her clients what they want. 

Put Kathleen’s experience and creativity to work on your legal matter.  Call 1.510.835.7718 or click here to set up a free initial consultation (up 30 minutes gratis when you mention this website).